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For press interviews/media comments/ on the Tokyo vegan scene/info on veganism in general, please contact us (in Japanese or English) at [email protected]


2020  Tokyo Vegan organizer featured in Vegconomist article

2020  Tokyo Vegan organizers give Vegan Tourism seminar for TCVB

2020 “Seeking Sustainability”  live interview

2020 Japan Vegetarian Awards 2020 online talk

2020  Speaker at UK-JP students conference 2020

2020  Submit information on global plant based policies to Veggy Committee MP

2020 Submission of Green Recovery Letter to Veggy Committee leaders

2020 Talk at Yokohma Municipal Minami High School on Vegan & SDGs

2020 Tokyo Vegan joins Earth Day Tokyo online broadcast 

2020  Tokyo Vegan organizer comments in Japan Times article 

2020   Tokyo Vegan organizer article in Veggy Magazine

2019  Tokyo Vegan Meetup event pictured in Nikkei MJ Newspaper

2019  NHK Biz Stream film Tokyo Vegan Meetup

2019  Tokyo Vegan Meetup ambassador speaks at climate change symposium

2019  Tokyo Vegan Meetup takes part in Veggy Committee at Tokyo Central Government 

2019  Tokyo Vegan Meetup ambassador speaks at Earth Day Tokyo 2019

2019 Tokyo Vegan Meetup featured in Nikkei The Style

2019 Tokyo Vegan Organizer article in Veggy Magazine

2019  Tokyo Vegan Meetup receives Japan Vegetarian Award for best community group

2018 Comment in  Tokyo Weekender article 

2018  Interview article in Tokyo Weekender 

2018  Tokyo Vegan organizer talks about lack of vegan options. on TV Asahi