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日本において、平均的な採卵鶏は生後約4ヶ月で採卵用養鶏場に移されます。 知性も高く繊細な鶏たちはここで、ごく小さなワイヤーケージに閉じ込められ、平均400~580日を過ごし、身体が衰弱するまで陽の光を見ることなく、最後は食肉処理場へ向かうトラックの中にぎゅうぎゅうに詰め込まれます。
日本では毎年約1億羽のオスのヒナが孵化後すぐに廃棄物として殺処分されます。 処分方法は、袋による窒息やガス、またはシュレッダーにかけることもあります。



Chickens are the most abused animals on the planet.

In Japan, over 820 million chickens are killed every year. 

The average egg-laying hen in Japan is moved to an egg-laying facility at the age of around four months.  Here, these intelligent and sensitive animals will spend an average of 400-580 days confined in a tiny wire cage, never seeing the light of day until their bodies are worn out, and they are crammed on trucks to the slaughterhouse.  

Around 100 million (1億) male chicks are culled as waste products soon after hatching every year in Japan. Culling methods include suffocation in bags, gassing or shredding.

In Japan, chickens raised for meat lead miserable lives confined in intensive rearing facilities before going to their deaths at around 50 days

Please help end this cycle of unnecessary suffering by choosing vegan products in the supermarket.

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