海外の菜食推進政策 – ベジ議連松原議員との懇談(7/28) Global Plant-Based Policies – Tokyo Vegan Meeting with Matsubara MP (7/28)

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7月28日に、東京ヴィーガン(TV) のナディア・マケックニーと岩本ゆかりは、ミートフリーマンデー・オールジャパン(MFMAJ)の小城徳勇さんと共にベジ議連発起人の内の1人である松原仁衆議院議員と懇談をしました。今回の目的は、前回の懇談での松原議員の質問、特に海外政府の菜食関連の政策について詳しく説明することでした。







次のステップとして、松原議員からの質問にお答えするため、東京ヴィーガンは疫病と畜産の関係性について、サージ(アースリング・エドら率いる動物権利の団体)の疫病に関するホワイトペーパーの翻訳と共に日本語で情報をまとめていきます。このホワイトペーパーは著名な医師でベストセラー本「食事のせいで、死なないために」や「パンデミックを生き抜く方法(日本語未発表)」の著書でもある、Nutrition Facts. Orgのマイケル・グレガーに審査されたものです。

Global Plant-Based Policies – Tokyo Vegan Meeting with Matsubara MP (7/28)

On July 28, Tokyo Vegan (TV) organizers (Nadia Mckechnie and Yukari Iwamoto) along with Norio Kojo of Meat Free Monday All Japan (MFMAJ) met with Matsubara MP, one of the founders of the Japan Vege Council. The purpose of the meeting was to follow-up on Matsubara MP`s previous request for information about plant-based government policies around the world.

Norio Kojo ( MFMAJ, Matsubara MP. & Nadia (TV)

Yukari (Tokyo Vegan), joining by video call, first presented data we had gathered on global government policies such as food guidelines, plant-based menu initiatives and government investments in plant-based foods, along with information on growing vegan market trends since the pandemic, and background reasons such as climate change, dangers posed by zoonotic diseases – including future pandemics, health, and animal ethics.  

Yukari san joined by Video call

Matsubara MP said that the data was very useful and informative and he would use it to discuss the issues with other politicians. He also mentioned that he would be very interested to see concrete data on the relationship between future pandemics and animal agriculture. 

Matsubara MP expressed surprise that governments in Asia as well as the West had already implemented plant-based policies, and then asked why the UK was not in the list of case studies. Nadia commented that despite a number of calls for action, notably recommendations (2019) by the UK government chief scientific advisor, and department for environment chief scientific advisor, for a reduced meat diet, it seems that policies have yet to be implemented, but that the situation was likely to change soon given the increasing demands for action by doctors, scientists and consumers, especially since the pandemic. ( We have subsequently learned that one borough in London has already decided to implement meat reduction policies, and added that data to the PDF).

Matsubara MP also asked if the overseas governments with plant-based policies had had any discussions with the meat industry. We have yet to gather data on that aspect.  However, Nadia responded that even where no government policies exist, the meat industry ( worldwide) is exploring new ideas to meet the accelerating consumer demand for plant-based products. Kojo-san commented that  ( government) initiatives are targeted on reducing meat, not removing meat. 

Our next TV project – Translating the Surge white paper on pandemics into Japanese

Tokyo Vegan’s next step is to follow-up on Matsubara’s MP’s request to provide information on pandemics and animal agriculture in Japanese. At present, our team is translating a white paper on pandemics recently published by Surge (animal rights organization co-founded by Ed Winters (Earthling Ed) and reviewed by the highly respected Dr Michael Greger, Nutrition Facts. Org, author of the best selling  How Not to https://nutritionfacts.org/book/Die and, How to Survive a Pandemic.

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