ベジ議連への要望書提出 Submission of Request Letter to Japan “Vege Council”

Representatives from Groups and Industry meet with Politicians to ask that Plant-Based Initiatives be included in COVID ” Green Recovery” measures


Tokyo Vegan Meetup organizers joined representatives from Greenpeace Japan, Meat Free Monday All Japan (MFMAJ), and the Japanese food industry, at a meeting at the Central Japan Government in Nagatacho on July 7th. 

Norio Kojo, of Meat Free Monday All Japan, hands the request letter to Takeo Kawamura, Chair of the Veggy Council

今回の懇談の目的は、ベジ議連の先生方に、新型コロナウイルスにより深刻な影響を受けているヴィーガン/ベジタリアンの食料産業の支援と、アフターコロナの経済復興策を気候変動対策に沿った形で行う「グリーンリカバリー」政策の「菜食やレスミート(less meat)」を取り入れた形での推進の要望書を提出することでした。要望書はミートフリーマンデー・オールジャパン(MFMAJ)とグリーンピース・ジャパンによる連名、ヴィーガン/ベジタリアン関連の団体や個人が賛同したもので、日本語の下に英訳(非公式)もあります。

The purpose of the meeting was to submit a request letter to the leaders of the Vege Council asking that they: 

1. Take action to support the plant-based food industry, which has been especially hard hit by a severe drop in tourism. 

2. Petition for any post-COVID-19 “green recovery” measures to include plant-based foods. The official letter was authored by MFMAJ and Greenpeace Japan and co-signed by a number of organizations and individuals. ( English (unofficial) translation follows Japanese below.)

Official letter



At the meeting, owners of long-standing vegan restaurants Yuki Shirai (Ain Soph), and Masako Shimokawa (T’s Restaurant), as well as Mr Takahiro Tsukahira, the director of  Nikkoku Trust Inc shared stories of the hardships they have been facing due to a massive reduction in the number of tourists since the COVID-19 outbreak. They also talked about their efforts to continue their businesses in order to protect the vegan industry and accumulated knowledge of vegan cuisine. 


Takeo Kawamura (Chairman) expressed his understanding of and support for the request submitted saying, “I will share today’s information with other politicians and related organizations”. Jin Matsubara MP also showed his understanding of the requests and asked if there were case studies from overseas policies that included plant-based foods/ less-meat initiatives in “green recovery” measures.  We were reminded, once more, of the importance of communicating global vegan-related case studies clearly, with data. We will continue to expand our efforts to do so in the future. 

Chariman Takeo Kawamura expressed his understanding of the request

Jin Matsubara MP asked about overseas policies


The Vege Council, chaired by  Takeo Kawamura, former Chief Cabinet Secretary, is a working group made up of politicians and representatives from various vegan/ vegetarian related groups. It was formed in November 2019 to address the lack of vegan/ vegetarian options for inbound tourists and the increasing need for food diversity. 

The Veggy Council Inaugural meeting in November 2019 received a lot of coverage in the mainstream Japanese Media
Veggy Council Second Meeting 2019



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