Vege for Peace Project. Japan’s Vegan Restaurants Need Your Help!

Vege for Peace. Vegan restaurant support project

On Saturday, July 4th, Tokyo Vegan Meetup hosted a Zoom talk event with guest speakers vegan food analyst Emika Iwata, and Ain Soph ( vegan restaurant), owner Yuki Shirai. The talk was on Vege for Peace, a project that aims to support Japan vegan-related businesses get through these hard times through measures including discount tickets for restaurants. 

7月4日土曜日に、東京ヴィーガンミートアップはVege For Peaceからゲストスピーカー として、ヴィーガンフードアナリスト岩田絵弥曄さん、アインソフ代表の白井由紀さんを招いてズームイベントを開催しました。 この度、レストラン割引チケットをはじめ、さまざまな施策で、日本のヴィーガン関連業支援を目指すプロジェクトが生まれました。

For various reasons, the vegan-related food sector in Japan has been especially hard hit by the corona crisis situation. In terms of availability and visibility of vegan food, our community is in imminent danger of losing many of the gains we have made in the last few years. 


To read more, about Vege for Peace ( Japanese/ English) and to find out how to purchase discount tickets for some of your favourite cafes, please click on the links below. ]詳細(日本語と英語)と割引チケットの購入方法については、次のリンクをクリックしてください


English page:

Ain Soph Burgers! ( Photo from Tokyo Vegan Meetup event in 2019)

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